Affenberg Landskron – a park located in Carinthia, Austria houses a big group of semi-free ranging Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata). Supported by the University of Vienna and national and international cooperation partners, the Affenberg invites, coordinates, and supervises research projects with the goal to promote animal welfare and a better understanding of primate behavior.

We attach great importance to show how state-of-the-art research can be conducted in a responsible and humane manner.
During behavioral observations the animals are not disturbed in their social interactions. Experiments are designed for a voluntary participation. Hormone and gene analyses are conducted non-invasively by collecting fecal samples.

Current research projects:

The influence of genotype on stress, conflict behavior and social dominance.

Cooperative problem solving in Japanese macaques.

Personality of Japanese macaques.

Non-invasive saliva sample collection for DNA and hormone analyses.

Homosexuality of female Japanese macaques.


Interested in our research at the Affenberg?

Please contact Dr. Lena Pflüger (Senior scientist University of Vienna):